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Education and Work Life


Hello again! 😊 I'm a Computer Engineer (Computer Science) by background. I stumbled upon JavaScript during my final year in university. When I saw the amazing things JavaScript could do, I ventured into web development 💻. After getting the hang of JavaScript, I started diving into ReactJS. And then came NextJS, which had some really cool features for SSR and SEO. Thanks to all this learning, I landed a freelance gig. I worked there for a solid 2 years, gaining valuable experience.

Afterward, I joined the 90Pixel team for a full-time role. And guess what? A year later, I hopped on board with Turknet. But that's not where the journey ends.

Following my time at Turknet, I made a move to Vodafone. There, I spent a solid 3 months building a project from scratch for the Super App. I delivered it successfully. And then, the big one! I started working with Accenture, where I had the opportunity to collaborate with major corporate giants. It's been a fulfilling journey, and I've been working as a Frontend Developer at Accenture since November 2022. 😊

Here is a brief summary of my work life


Styled Components



I enrolled in the Department of Computer Engineering at Karabuk University in 2014.


For my senior project, I developed an E-learning site using JavaScript and Node.js. This project allowed me to find freelance work opportunities while I was still a student. It was completed in 2019.


I worked as a freelancer for, a hotel search engine. I utilized React.js and Next.js for the infrastructure and initially used SASS for styling, later switching to CSS Modules. I also implemented a global state management system using Context. This work took place in 2019.


As a freelancer, I contributed to, a doctor and disease search engine. The project was built on React.js and Next.js, with initial styling in SASS, later transitioned to CSS Modules. I also incorporated a global state management system. This work was carried out in 2019.


In 2020, I embarked on my first full-time job at 90Pixel, a company specializing in software solutions for corporate clients. Additionally, the company developed its own products, and my role was that of a Frontend Developer.

90PIXEL - Türkiye Sigorta Akademi

During my time at 90Pixel in 2020, I contributed to the development of Türkiye Sigorta Akademi, a corporate youth underwriter training academy. This project was built using Next.js and React, with SCSS utilized for styling.

90PIXEL - Corpeo

In 2020, I worked on Corpeo, an enterprise video surveillance website, as part of the 90Pixel team. This project was based on Next.js and React, with styling done in SCSS. Additionally, a global state management system was implemented using Context.


In 2020, I was involved in the development of an admin dashboard for İslam Ansiklopedisi at 90Pixel. This React-based project used LESS for styling and incorporated Ant Design components. For global state management, Redux and SWR were employed.


I worked at Vodafone for 3 months in 2022. During my time at Vodafone, I developed a portion of the Super App as a WebView application. I successfully delivered this moderately-sized project within a 3-month timeframe. The project was built using React and Styled-Components. I was responsible for creating and developing the entire project from start to finish.


I began working at Accenture in 2022, a global corporate firm specializing in providing solutions to large enterprises. My responsibilities at Accenture included developing the frontend aspects of projects for three clients:
  • Airbus: I contributed to the development of an extensive inventory interface using Angular. The project involved creating a comprehensive and sophisticated user interface.
  • Schneider-Energy: I initiated this project from the ground up using React, making improvements based on the client's requirements. Additionally, I established a design system using Storybook.
  • Mercedes-Benz: I joined this ongoing project, developed using React and Styled-Components. It encompasses a legacy and extensive domain. Here, we continuously implement new features to cater to the needs of thousands of users.


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